1) How did you all meet?
JS&TLK – Me (Colin – drums/percussion/backing vocals) and Joe (vocals/guitar/harmonica) have know each other for many years. We’d been in our own separate bands, but had always met up to have a drink, and talk about what we were listening to, and such. When those bands split, we immediately started working together, as deep down, we had wanted to for a while. Andy (bass/backing vocals) answered an ad we’d put online for a bass player after his old band split. It’s worked out very nicely.
2) When did you form the band?
JS&TLK – The official line up got together in 2016. There were other member before then, but they were session players helping us out. It feels longer than what it actually is, as we’ve done so much, met so many people, and been to so many places in such a short time. Ha! Ha!
3) What got you involved in the first place?
JS&TLK – In playing music? Taking what we heard at home growing up to the point where we thought, “I can do this.” I think once it gets under your skin, and you can’t shake it off, you can never stop.
4) Who are your influences? What style would you class yourselves as?
JS&TLK – Combined, our influences go right across the spectrum. Beatles, Doors, Kinks, Stones, Bunnymen, Smiths, R.E.M, U2, Genesis, Motown, Stax, Burt Bacharach, all the great crooners, various types of Jazz, blues, and classical, even great film and TV composers like John Barry, Bernard Hermann, Lalo Schifrin, Ron Grainer, Laurie Johnson and Barry Gray, to name a several.
I don’t think we could stamp one permanent label on us. The first album was a mixture of Rock, Dah-Dah, Psychedelia, Jazz, Country, and Easy Listening, but the second album and single is a variety of heavy, catchy Rock/Pop songs, or as we called it: Heavy Pop. That’s us at the moment. No doubt the next releases will be different again. We always feel the need to change, as we get bored very easily.
5) What label are you signed to/independent?
JS&TLK – Truly Independent Records, which is out own label. We like to be our own bosses, but if a big label came along, and wanted to distribute any future releases, we’d negotiate something that we were happy with, and on our terms. No one likes to get ripped off, do they?
6) What do you do outside of music (hobbies etc) that inspires your creativity?
JS&TLK – We all do our own little things when we’re not playing. Writing, painting, reading, designing things, odd jobs around our houses (which is very therapeutic), watching classic films and TV shows.
7) Who is the joker in the band? Examples?
JS&TLK – I don’t think you could single anyone out. We’ve all got our own distinct type of humour, which compliments each of us combined. There was a time when that combination mixed with a large amount of champagne led to some very funny shenanigans after a gig in Leicester. I’m afraid we can’t repeat any of the details here. 
8) Is there any new music you like now?
JS&TLK – There’s always great new music coming out all the time. It’d be unfair to name a few,  as some might unintentionally get left out. 
9) If you could date anybody in the music industry who would it be?
JS&TLK – Ah, come on now. Ha! Ha! Any answers to that question might cause jealousy. 
10) How do you feel about the internet and the music industry?
JS&TLK – The internet is an odd one. It certain has its pros and cons, and has definitely changed the music industry; sadly in some negative ways. There needs to be a balance where you can have the positive aspects of the net mixed with some of the old school ways the industry worked, so there’s no exclusiveness, and everyone who has something to offer gets the opportunity to show it, if that makes sense. 
11) Full time musicians?  What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?
JS&TLK – That’s something we don’t like to think about. 
12) What is the best gig you have ever done?
JS&TLK – I don’t think we could name one. The gigs we’ve done on both stages of the 02 Academy Liverpool were very special. Brecon Beacon Theatre in Wales, and the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury are definitely up there too, as one was a full electric gig and the other a stripped down MTV Unplugged show. Both in these wonderful theatres, but each one the opposite sonically. Have to add all the gigs we played at The Box, Crewe: a venue that’s recently been knocked down, which is a great loss to the circuit. Very sad. 
13) What is your favourite song to perform live?
JS&TLK – Again, we can’t name one. The double A side single Things Get Better/I’m Gonna Find Out Someday is up there. Where Do Go From Here, Summer’s Almost Coming, and Turn Me On, Turn Me Out Tonight from latest album are there also. 
14) What are your plans for the future?
JS&TLK – At the moment we’re taking time out from gigging, as we’re totally exhausted after two and a half years of nonstop playing up and down the UK, but we’ve recently been back in the studio working on new material. There’s no deadline, so we’re just talking our time. 
15) When is your next gig?
JS&TLK – There’ll be no gigs for the rest of year, as we’re still recharging our batteries, so it will be sometime in 2020. 
16) What is your latest release?
JS&TLK – It’s our second album, which is called Phase II, which is available to buy in physical and download form from the band website. 
17) On a scale of 1 – 10 how good is your new single compared to your last one?
JS&TLK – It’s a great single that appeals to a wide audience. I think that’s what matters. 
18) What do you feel is your best song and why?
JS&TLK – It’d be impossible to name one. Couldn’t be done. 
19) Where can we buy your music?
JS&TLK – At our website www.joesymesandthelovingkind.co.uk 
20) How can anybody watching this follow you?